Engineering Solutions

Our clients continually look to us to provide them with solutions in mechanical, process, electrical, specialty and instrumentation & controls engineering.

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Tool Installation Design & Management Services

IMES personnel are equipped to provide cleanroom tool installation services from layout/programming, installation to management and tool relocation and peripheral equipment reuse.

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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

We integrate the utilization of leading edge software as part of our building information modeling (BIM) standard. Our advanced BIM capabilities take space management of a multi-disciplined project to a higher level by including integrated intelligence, clash detection and laser scanning.

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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

We employ CFD to provide our clients with models ranging from site airflow, clean room air distribution, HVAC, and particle and mass dispersion.

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Central Plant

Cooling & Heating Systems


  • Central plants
  • Campus heating and cooling distribution systems
  • Building HVAC
  • Building plumbing
  • Building fire sprinkler and foam suppression systems
  • Clean room air management systems
  • High and low pressure steam systems
  • Humidification and dehumidification systems
  • Natural gas piping systems
  • Boiler systems

High Purity

System Design


  • Ultra-high purity chemical storage
  • Chemical and planar chemical distribution systems
  • Ultra-high-purity bulk gas piping systems
  • Specialty gas piping systems
  • Bulk Specialty Gas Systems (BSGS)
  • High purity loop distribution systems
  • UP/DI water systems
  • Process air systems (N2, CDA)
  • Industrial wastewater neutralization systems
  • Re-claim systems
  • Fluoride waste treatment systems
  • Ammonia exhaust fume scrubbing systems
  • Acid exhaust fume scrubbing systems
  • VOC Abatement systems
  • Toxic gas POU abatement systems
  • Bulk chemical storage systems
  • Bulk chemical mix and dispense systems
  • Process and House Vacuum systems
  • Process Cooling Water systems
  • Bulk Chemical Storage facilities

Power Distribution

Systems Design


Our experienced electrical engineers are prepared to provide you with the electrical engineering services you need to plan, permit and build your electrical project. We will leverage our experience in designing lighting, power distribution, power quality, standby/uninterruptible systems for both our commercial and industrial clients. Your project will benefit from the diverse technical challenges we’ve solved in a wide range of markets including semiconductor and high tech manufacturing, water and wastewater treatment, commercial real estate, governmental, higher education, industrial, pharmaceutical and other sectors.

Our services include:

• 15KV and 5KV substations/distribution

• Emergency/Standby Generator Systems

• Paralleling Generator Systems

• UPS systems

• Building power systems (all voltages)

• Switchgear trip setting and short circuit coordination

• Power interlocks, VFD interface, starter interlocks, etc.

• Power monitoring networks

• Busway systems

• Exterior and interior lighting

• Lighting controls

• Cable management

• Grounding including ESD and perimeter systems

Toxic Gas Monitoring

Systems Design

Special Systems

• Fire alarm systems

• Early warning smoke detection (VESDA)

• Leak detection and alarm

• Toxic gas monitoring and alarm systems

• Information technology; tele/data com

• Security systems

• Lightning Protection

Instrumentation & Controls


Instrumentation & Controls

Whether you need to control a new process or tame an unruly one, we are prepared to provide you with solutions to your SCADA needs. Our experienced Instrument and Controls engineers can help you develop, design, and document the functional requirements for your process. We help you select and specify the right instruments and prepare the construction documents needed to build your SCADA system. Whether it’s local process control or remote telemetry, we can help you develop the SCADA system to control your process and develop and HMI to operate and monitor it. With in-house programming capabilities, we can develop the software you need to bring your automation controller and process to life.

• PLC Control systems

• P & ID’s

• Programming

• Instrumentation – application and specification

• System integration

• Energy management and control systems

• Industrial process control systems

Tool Installation


IMES personnel possess extensive experience in design management for tool installation packages for multiple clients. The areas of design and management include:


• Diffusion

• Dry Etch (Thin Films, Metals, CVD)

• Implant

• Photo Lithography

• Wet Etch

• Metrology

Responsibilities include coordinating equipment layouts and area functionality with respective process engineers for all areas listed above. Creation of process flow diagrams, piping plans, and section details for space management of tool install infrastructure. Other responsibilities include coordination with multiple contractors and infrastructure design teams to ensure tool installation schedule is maintained. Our management responsibilities include managing a design team for all areas of tool install for 300MM factories.

Multi-Discipline Coordination Model

Process Exhaust

BIM is the process of using 3D modeling software to produce a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a facility.

IMES design personnel are skilled in the use of multiple 3D BIM platforms which includes Autodesk Navisworks, Revit MEP, AutoCAD MEP, and M-Six VEO.

Our expertise allows our team to cross coordinate with other disciplines that work within and outside of our organization. Our BIM coordinators have experience working on the most complex projects.

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Composite Model

High Resolution Point Scan with 3D Model

In conjunction with our BIM coordination capabilities, our designers and engineers utilize the latest in 3D scanning technology. This enables our team to produce coordinated models that illustrate real world conditions.

Working with 3D scans in our BIM models verifies the constructability of our design, and gives the contractor detailed information they need to greatly reduce time spent on cross-discipline coordination.

Site Airflow CFD

Site Airflow Analysis

Isometric View

IMES incorporates Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) into projects to design, validate, and optimize process and mechanical systems. For instance, IMES has completed site airflow models to successfully design ventilation systems for semi-open spaces. We have also used CFD to validate the operation of an HVAC system that was exposed to varying external (wind) loading conditions. Additionally, IMES has applied CFD to process exhaust systems to investigate and visualize airflow inside of ducting in order to optimize duct routing for minimal pressure drop.

3D CAD files are directly imported to CFD to define the geometry of the objects being studied. The volumes that are created by the solids and fluids are then divided into discrete cells used for the meshing. Finally, boundary conditions are defined and the CFD model is completed. These completed models allow our engineers and clients to visualize and predict the behavior of their systems for virtually any scenario.

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