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semiconductor, pharmaceutical, photovoltaics


gas, chemical

high purity chemical, specialty & bulk gases



high purity, process cooling


Enlarged View of Microprocessor


IMES personnel have the expertise to perform programming and facilities planning for new and retrofit projects. The most critical element to a successful project begins with assembling a team of professionals who are experienced in the planning, programming, layout, design and construction administration of advanced technology manufacturing facilities. Comprehensive experience with new and retrofit projects for the Advanced Technology industry enables IMES to offer engineering services to meet the Client’s most demanding requirements.

IMES has developed extensive experience in the design of semiconductor wafer fabrication process facilities. IMES depth of understanding and knowledge of the design of these types of systems essentially eliminates construction related field installation and system startup problems.


Laboratory & Manufacturing Environments


We provide design services for the biotech, pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. At whatever level of engagement our services meet, and in most cases, exceed the stringent FDA, Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP), USP standards, and local code regulations.

IMES personnel have experience with many types of laboratories, including biosafety labs, pharma dispense and sort areas, USP RO water systems, etc.

Our staff have experience with many facilities including Amgen, Introgen, Kimberley Clark, etc.


Solar Harvesting Array


Photovoltaic systems are increasingly common place, but the engineering required to bring your PV project success needs a special touch. Our experienced engineers can help you guide your photovoltaic project from concept to construction. We will help you develop your site and prepare energy production models allowing you to realize the benefits of this abundant source of free energy.

We can assist you with optimizing the plant through selection of modules, inverters, racking technologies, and balance-of-systems components that are well suited for your commercial rooftop or ground-mounted utility system. We can help you analyze existing infrastructure at your site to ensure a cost-efficient and code-compliant interconnection.

The documentation our licensed engineers prepare for your project will be the vehicle that drives your project through the bidding, permitting, construction and commissioning phases of your PV project.

3D BIM View

Specialty & Bulk Gas Distibution

Specialty Gas & High-purity Chemical

IMES staff are industry leaders in providing design for specialty gas and high purity chemical distribution and dispense systems for the advanced technology industry.

IMES Engineers and designers have unparalleled experience and have designed state of the art facilities around the world.

IMES depth of understanding and knowledge of the design of these types of systems essentially eliminates construction related field installation and system startup problems.

3D BIM View

HF Waste Treatment System

Process Wastewater

IMES staff has extensive experience in providing design for process wastewater treatment and collection systems for the advanced technology industry. IMES staff has successfully completed numerous wastewater treatment and collection systems for many large semiconductor clients including but not limited to the following:

• Acid Wastewater Neutralization systems

• Fluoride Waste Treatment systems

• Ammonia waste treatment systems

• Arsenic waste treatment systems

• Solvent waste collection systems

Ultra-Pure Water System

Semiconductor Facilities

Ultra-Pure Water Systems

Whatever the application may be, ultra-pure water (UPW) used in semiconductor manufacturing, water for injection (WFI) for pharmaceutical use, we have the expertise to design a water treatment system to meet any water quality specification.

Our experience includes the specification of water treatment technologies and the design of distribution loops that maintain water quality and ensure reliable delivery to the end-user.

Process Cooling Water

Central Plant

Process Cooling Water

We design process cooling water systems to serve a wide range of applications, including closed and open loop systems and those serving critical applications required to be online 100% of the time.

Utilizing hydraulic modeling and 3D BIM software we can provide optimized designs from upsizing systems in already congested facilities to new systems in greenfield projects.

Campus Development

Austin, Texas

Large-scale Commercial

IMES provides comprehensive MEP engineering for large-scale buildings, campuses, electrical and chilled water infrastructure projects. Working closely with our clients, some of which include Fortune 500 companies, architects and real estate developers, we effectively leverage experience with the balanced use of industry standard software to produce integrated project deliverables.

3D BIM Rendered View

High-rise Residential

High-rise Residential

IMES works closely with Developers and Architects to engineer the MEP systems of high-rise multi-family buildings in Austin, Honolulu, and other locales, using advanced techniques, including but not limited to the following:

• Revit

• Hydraulic Modeling

• Advanced HVAC Load Calculation

• Energy Modeling

• Energy Compliance

• Green Building Design


Mixed-use Residential

Tenant-scale Commercial

IMES brings to bear Revit and advanced software to produce highly-technical MEP engineering for commercial buildings, working closely with our commercial clients at tenant/occupant level.

Elementary Classroom

Renovations & Additions

K-12 Educational Facilities

IMES provides services in the K-12 education market. Our staff possesses the ability to partner with school districts and work closely together with school district staff and other design personnel to successfully complete projects.

Having been involved in work on many different campuses and building types we're confident IMES is the able to lead or complement the team.

Higher Education

The University of Texas at Austin

Higher Education

IMES enjoys the opportunity to provide engineering design and consulting services to the higher education market.

No matter the scope, whether new construction or renovation, IMES will perform in the clients best interest.

Also, working in concert with the project team we can ensure the owner’s project goals are achieved and that the result is both high-quality and cost effective.

Smart Community

Repurposed Site

Smart Cities / Smart Communities / Smart Homes

The primary goal for a smart cities development is to meet the needs of all its citizens through implementation of technology to drive efficiencies. We recommend a holistic approach whereby a true smart city must start with a blueprint to address basic needs such as energy, water, environment, communications, quality of life and emergency preparedness and any other need that is deemed necessary by the citizens. The technologies listed below in construction, design, energy management, water saving, internet of things (IoT) and smart appliances that we integrate into a development are representative of our varied capabilities.

Our in-house team of experts have many years of experience, a high level of professionalism, and cutting edge building experience to bring a more affordable home at both lower initial and lifecycle costs, green and energy efficient components to enable a higher quality and cheaper living, while shortening the construction duration substantially to streamline the move-in process for the many families seeking a home.

The following technologies can be integrated into any SMART development:

• Hybrid Concrete/Steel Building Technology

• Cold Formed Steel Building Technology

• Advanced thermal wall and roof system

• Advanced building foundation design

• Efficient dwelling floor plans

• Geothermal Heating and Cooling System

• District Geothermal Heating and Cooling system

• SMART Building Energy Management System

• Solar Thermal Water Heating System

• Photovoltaic Electric System

• Innovative LED lighting systems

• Integrate green spaces into the project and utilize a green building rating system

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